Overall solution of camp

  • Tourist camp

    Country camps are accompanied by the development of tourism, between sightseeing and vacation products, to provide people with full contact with nature at the same time, to provide parking for vehicles, to provide visitors with rest, accommodation, entertainment services. According to the different functions of camps, they can be divided into outdoor camps, self-driving camps and RV camps; according to the different resources, they can also be divided into coastal camps, island camps, lakeside camps, forest camps, rural camps, mountain camps and so on; according to geographical location can be divided into urban camps, suburban camps. Land and remote mountain camps.

    The camps with different resource backgrounds are mainly determined by their core resources. For example, a coastal camp is a camp built on the basis of coastal resources. Its main facilities and core attractions are coastal products. A typical case is the Vacances Park Playa Bara RV camp in Spain. The geographical location of camps is based on their distance from the city, and the camps within the city are urban camps, such as the Fengyuan Motor Cinema near Chaoyang Park, while the Fangshan Seven-Degree Motor Camp is suburban camps. Outdoor camping is a kind of camping place which is produced by specializing in outdoor activities (such as camping, expanding, etc.). The difference between outdoor camping and outdoor camping is that there is no automobile involved. Of course, with the development of modern camps, many integrated camps have emerged, some camps have both outdoor activities, but also car and self-driving projects. For the sake of convenience, we divide them into different categories.

  • Youda Camper
  • Expedition camp
  • Disaster relief camp

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Power storage system

Technical features of WEMOVE portable power source:

Low-temperature battery pack adopts high-energy-density low-temperature lithiumion battery technology and can work and discharge of electricity in -40oC and boasts advantages of long life of duty-cycle operation, zero memory effect, good safety and high energy density. High-energy battery pack adopts ultrahigh- energy-density lithium ion battery as the battery monomer and the capacity of battery pack of equal weight reaches 80Ah, which has greatly enhanced the cruising power.

Balanced protection modules of two driven by one are equipped with overdischarge protection, overcharge protection, over-temperature protection and output overload protecting circuit for lithium ion battery, which provides perfect working protection for lithium ion battery.The internal connection of this product uses military cylindrical connector, which boasts safe and reliable work, long service life and good weather fastness. The battery pack is small with module combination and portable units which are convenient for carriage in packsacks and transfer by hand.


Solar power + intelligent power management system + low temperature,High energy storage system

Lithium battery for outdoor power storage system (high energy density, low working temptuer)

Outdoor battery (in protection case)

Portable solar panel system

Description of WEMOVE intelligent power management system:

Power generation and storage have different operating characteristics and electrical interfaces. Power storage battery has relatively independent control and is interconnected with power storage converter and load equipment for different voltage and realizes the echelon use and independent discharge and charge of battery based on the changes with electrical load. The system will be designed based on the functional modularity and brick-pattern installation and be equipped with flexible configurations within limits to enable easy site installation, plug and play and movement in a flexible way. In addition, the display and control function of equipment operational condition and data can be realized through the data uploading port and mobile terminal to facilitate the integrated dispatching of main control system and operational maintenance of administrative staff, which has improved the usage experience for clients.

WEMOVE portable solar power generation modules:

adopt imported thin-film modules and special encapsulation way to make carriage easier.


solar power generation + intelligent power management system + low-temperature and high-energy-density power storage system

Portable PV panel

Portable PV panel

Intelligent power storage and management system

Intelligent-camping system

WEMOVE intelligent–camping system is the IoT control system and long-distance operation and maintenance cloud platform system developed based on the open source hardware Raspberry, Arduino and relevant modules targeting campsite operation. It can integrate security and protection, indoor environmental monitoring, fire protection, presence awareness, air quality, water quality monitoring, equipment operation condition, terminal control (light, fan…) indoor environmental automatic control system. It can realize theonline operation and maintenance of the campsite and upload the campsite operation data to the cloud platform to the operator.


intelligent-camping control module + online operation and maintenance system + cloud platform

Smart camping system (hardware)

Smart camping system (software interface)

Water treatment system

Technical parameters of WEMOVE voltolization and float water purifying plant: voltolization and float water treatment plant is the integration of relevant technologies including electronics, hydromechanics, electrochemistry and separation science and is an inno- vative water treatment technology. Under the function of external electric field, there is polarization between foreign particles and hydrones. With the reduced hydration and neutralization of compressed double electric layer and absorption charge of hydrophobicity colloids, lyophilic colloid collides with each other and creates agglutination based on the flow pattern design. Many micro bubbles generated by electrolysis fully combine with colloidal particles and a few polyelectrolytes are added for absorption and bridge effect. By the separation and filter units of high-effect reaction, source water and washes are quickly purified. The disposed water can reach the reuse standard for bath.


voltolization and float water purifying plant (disposal of batch water)

Water (from shower & hand washing) purifier

Black water treatment

Features of WEMOVE all-in-one machine of biomembrane treatment:

this technology adopts the internationally advanced membrane bioreactor, which mainly consists of membrane modules and membrane bioreactor. Plentiful microorganisms (activated sludge) have abundant contacts with ground substances (degradable organics in waste waters, etc.) within the bioreactor and maintain their own growth and breeding by metabolism through oxygenolysis and the organic pollutants are degraded at the same time. Membrane modules can realize the solid-liquid separation of waste water and sludge mixed liquor via mechanical picker and interception. Macromolecule substances return to the bioreactor after being concentrated so as to avoid the loss of microorganism. The organic combination of biological treatment system and membrane separation modules has not only improved the effluent quality of the system and the stability of operation, but also prolonged the hydraulic retention time of degradation-resistant macromolecules in bioreactor and enhanced the removal effect of the system against degradation-resistant substances. Disinfection is used for effluent, which can kill remnant bacteria in sewage and the effluent can be discharged when every water quality index reaches the standard.


all-in-one machine of biomembrane treatment

Automatic black water treatment system (1400L/D)

Automatic black water treatment system (700L/D)

Automatic black water treatment system (350L/D)

Camp ground supportting vehicle

WEMOVE campsite supporting car integrates various R&D technologies of WEMOVE. Power generation, power storage, bathroom system and black water purifier are integrated on this modified car, which can provide a more convenient and complete service support system for campsites whenever and wherever possible. It is more comfortable in use compared with traditional motor homes. At the same time, it is equipped with environmental protection and treatment device which can treat immediately after use and cause no pollution to neighboring environment. It no longer depends on infrastructure grid with a broader space of application.


All-in-one camp ground supporting vehicle

All-in-one camp ground supporting vehicle

All-in-one camp ground supporting vehicle (functional layout)